Friday, January 17, 2014

Not In Kansas Anymore...

Or the USA, for that matter!

After a long-ass day of flying AA, we landed in the dark at an airport 2 timezones to the east with a thatched roof where stamping of passports was a mere formality. Unlike SA, DFW and MIA there were zero cops, dogs or food.
Holy crap, we're in that pesky old third world you hear about on TV!

After a little buffet action and a couple beers, I set out to explore my surroundings and try to get my bearings in the dark to save time tomorrow.

This is just one section of the main pool, which twists and turns all over the place.

Can't wait to see the beach tomorrow. Never have I felt sand so fine and clean. Truly one of the top 5 beaches in the world, and I'm shooting it at night, alone, after midnight, with a mere 3 hours in-country experience to gauge the safety.
Whatever, this place rocks.

A little hi-tech lighting to go with the all-included package.

Spent some time at one of the bars talking to a couple of mooks from New Jersey and a rabble of hipsters.
Nobody bought me a beer because it's already paid for--I got a 6-pack from the bartender to take back to our room...Presidente Light, not bad at all.

I have zero idea what happens next, and don't much care.
We are in paradise and taking it as it happens.
The wedding we're here for takes place on Saturday, then more fun.

Stay tuned

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