Saturday, August 02, 2014

St. Louis Cemetery #1

The main thing I wanted to shoot in NOLA was an above-ground cemetery.
Decided to use the F828 infrared camera, and it appears to have been a good choice.

We took a two hour tour, which was great.
The main points are:
The city is below sea level, so a good rain will float a casket out of the ground. Not cool!
People buy a deed to the space and build what they want. Upkeep not included. You can also rent, and owners can allow anyone they want to share space. Very practical.
You spend a year and a day on the top level, in a wood box. The heat pretty much cremates you. After that, what's left gets dropped down and eventually swept to the rear. Before too long, all remains end up seeping into the ground.
My sense for these things as well as electronic devices found no evidence of haunting in this particular cemetery. Kinda disappointed, but on the other hand I was able to concentrate on photography instead of ghost hunting.

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