Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Views Of The Crescent

The sharpest bend in the Mississippi River is right here in New Orleans, and also the deepest water at over 200 feet. It looks like a crescent moon on Google Earth which apparently gave NOLA the nickname "Crescent City" a bajillion years ago ago, which I've never even heard before.
Live and learn.

Anyway, tonight I insisted on taking a quick "tripod tour" a few blocks from our hotel not long after sundown to get some long-exposure shit  because that's how I roll:
This is The Natchez which we took on a tour yesterday.
It was docking after a dinner tour tonight and I just barely got into position for this shot--the one before and the one after didn't work at all, yet this has the paddlewheel still turning (thus blurred) and the boat is stationary.

Turned around and took some time composing, and this one made me happy.

There were rats scurrying about.

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