Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mission In 3D

In addition to color photos I was also shooting stereo pairs to make 3D images.

Click on the thumbnails to bring up full-size versions.
Sit squarely in front of your monitor at arm's length and cross your eyes until the 3D image appears in the center.
It takes practice, but is well worth it.
And don't worry: Despite what your mother may have told you crossing your eyes won't make them stay that way, it just gives mom the old 'buttpucker' to see their kids like that.
In fact, it makes your eye muscles stronger.
And gives you a headache if overdone.


Tom said...

This is cool. Thanks for sharing. Could I request your permission to feature these 3D images in my blog ( Please email me at Thanks.

KeithAlanK said...
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KeithAlanK said...

Tom, I looked at your blog and it's a mess.
Your photos don't load in a timely manner and your sidebar is overlapping the main section.
No, you can't use my photos on your blog--go shoot your own--that's what you're getting "paid" for, although I doubt payperpost is going to net you much more than pocket change.