Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mission San Jose: Color

It's been quite awhile since I spent an afternoon here. In fact, the last visit was kind of sad.
The bells ring every fifteen minutes but on that day they started ringing at an odd time and didn't stop. The Pope had just died.
This photo required standing around under a tree (it was hot!) waiting for other visitors to get out of the frame. I passed the time chatting and watching a couple make-out in the shadows.

I would love to shoot here at night, but the National Park Service locks the gates at 5pm so I decided to get at least one keeper using every other photographic genre that interests me, starting with standard color.
I used a polarizing filter to keep from getting bored, and was even bracketing exposures for potential HDRs but these are pretty much snapshots anyone could have taken.

This is the underside of the dome seen above. The centering is a little off but there was a piano in the perfect spot so I crammed my tripod into a "close enough" location.
At 1/5th of a second shutter speed, I guess this isn't a snapshot anyone could have gotten.
Also, the original had a rare instance of purple fringing around the windows.

More to come...

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