Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Longhorns On Houston Street 2

More from Saturday's events

There's always somebody protesting or preaching in front of the Alamo, but when there's an event that'll bring in the crowds the number of shouters goes way up.
Got to expose the public to your message, and more = better.

What was funny this time is that at least 5 different groups were there, working together.
The anti-immigration-reform leader would shout a slogan, and everyone would repeat it no matter what their sign said.
Then it was school worker's turn, etc.

Texans believe strongly in free speech and lawful protest--that's part of how we became a republic and then a state.
But FYI--we also think the Alamo is sacred ground and that the protesters who annoy tourists and locals alike need to shut the hell up or move around the corner because what they're doing is almost sacriligeous to Texans, and is at best counter-productive to their goals.
Y'all piss us off.


Dave said...

Here, Here! Can't those protesters just start a Blog or something!?

KeithAlanK said...

Hahaha! If they would just be quiet and hold signs instead of shouting for hours on end, they might not be so offensive and therefore be more effective.