Monday, April 14, 2008

I Promise: No More Highway Photos?

Another profitable trip across town on a Tuesday night makes getting pics of the still-under-construction Loop 410 & 281 interchange nice and easy and quick.
Will be making the same trip in 2 days, so all promises are subject to nullification.

I don't need anything new for the show on May 2nd, but the subject and lighting conditions just suck me in.
Can't resist shooting this stuff.
When you think about how vital the highways are to your everyday life, and look at how sleek and modern yet retro they look (think Roman aquaducts) is it any wonder at least one person finds this project worthwhile?

In a first for me: Tonight I brought my camera downtown for a show and forgot a memory stick--it was still in the card reader connected to the computer. I have a nice case full of lower-capacity spares but they weren't in my bag either.
Missed a bunch of nice chances at getting something decent.
Never too old to learn--I'm going to stash a spare stick in my work bag and one in the car.


Anonymous said...

I've done the "left the card in the reader" thing many times (one of my photo buddies often gives me crap about it) but like you I always have spare cards. After shooting tens of thousands of images for several years, last week for the first time I managed to go to a shoot without any batteries for my 40D. Oops. Fortunately it wasn't something critical.

Matthew Robertson said...

I've done the memory card thing once. I felt like a complete tool lugging around an impotent camera, and I've never done it again. Now I don't close the card door until the camera's loaded again.

I'm not at all surprised that you're enjoying the highway shots, or that you're being so productive with them. I hope it's something that you will continue for many years, revisiting the subject and the places from time to time. Books can have as many photos as you like.