Monday, April 07, 2008

March Highway Photos

Just a reminder to new visitors: All pics on my pages are thumbnails, so please click on them to see the actual photos. There are details and subtle textures and hidden surprises if you look at them large.

A trip across town two weeks ago made it easy to stop and check out a new location on the way home. I only spent six minutes shooting and didn't move around much.

This is at the Loop410 and 281 interchange that's still under construction. Every new ramp that opens here makes getting around town much easier. I'm glad they haven't gotten very far with painting anything--it makes a nice contrast against the slick and beautiful ramps at 410 & 10 that I usually shoot.

This one will be printed for next month's Blue Star Gallery Show.
Tomorrow night I'll be making the same quick business trip across town and on the way back will be parking in a location I spotted while doing these. That should be enough to really finish the series--but I have more than enough already so anything new is already bumping older favorites from the show.

Snake News: Candy is about to shed his(?) skin, so the colors are faded and he can't see very well. Probably feels a little "tight" in his old skin. Cranky Snake!
On the plus side, when the shed is complete I'll be able to use the old skin to do a detailed scale count without dealing with a wiggly reptile, and can probably settle the gender question for good.
And the new skin's colors will be at their absolute finest so a new photo session will be scheduled.

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Dave said...

I really enjoy these - Great Pics!