Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This Friday Is 1st Friday

This means that my "Highways At Night" series is as finished as time allowed and is being shown in public for the first time in print form at Blue Star in a few days.

A last minute change was reverting to my original title, 'Interchange'. It just sounded better, and is less literal. This page will accompany my prints as an explanation of sorts.

Here's a map to the gallery once you're inside Blue Star (@ South Alamo & Probandt across from Pioneer Flour)--it's easier to find than parking will be, but I hope local friends and family and fans will make the effort as I don't see my next show happening until September at the earliest.

Just a reminder--there will be plenty of free wine, beer is for sale nearby, or you can just bring your own if that's what you're into.
There are plenty of other galleries and music and weirdos to watch in a laid-back party atmosphere, so even if you only spend ten minutes at my show there is a full evening of entertainment in store.

Hope to see you there!


Matthew Robertson said...

Congratulations on the show and the culmination-for-now of the series. I hope it continues over the coming years as these monuments change with use and time.

Have a great show.

KeithAlanK said...

Thanks Matthew!

It went really well tonight.
I sold three prints and was very surprised that two of them were from my most-recent Infrared efforts.
The "Interchange" series definitely attracted people to my work and I overheard a lot of comments that lead me to believe that they "got it".

This time we didn't make any phone calls to invite friends and family to the show and not surprisingly nobody showed up.
I guess having a website that's kept current isn't convenient enough for some people...

The highway series will never end because it seems to strike a chord with the general public.