Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Miscellaneous Info

It rained at last!
Good slow rain for several hours with bonus sleet and hail and possibly snow.
Kind of weird yesterday--it was 85f (a record high temp) around 3pm before the cold front came and delivered the news. It never got below 38 last night, which was also good.

Some idiot crashed his car on the slick streets nearby and killed our electricity for a little while this morning, which is why I'm awake right now.
When it doesn't rain for months the roadways get slippery from all the leaked oil and gassy exhaust deposits near intersections. Please be careful out there.
CPS did a great job fixing it quick--Syl's recon uncovered that they were already on the job and probably turned us off for a short while in order to complete the repair.
I have been informed that drying one's hair at work isn't the preferred method.
And was promised a sausage/egg McMuffin with hashbrowns for being woken up this early--say what you want about McD's but their breakfast doesn't suck hardly at all.

If you bother to scroll all the way to the bottom of this page, I have a surprise for you.
Useless Facts, updated every time you visit!
So if you're ever disappointed in my lack of new content, at least there's a chance to learn something you didn't know before--and often it's the kind of info that's good for quizzing your friends and coworkers, but NOT your spouses!

I used a handheld flash to add some light to the tree on the right side of my new header photo up top--a small amount of extra light to be sure, but it definitely helped compared to the versions without.

When did Views Of Texas pass 30,000 hits?
I totally missed it.
Thanks for your continued support.

That is all--have a nice day.


Matthew Robertson said...

Am I the only one who reads "CPS" and automatically fills in "Canon Professional Services"?

And I like the new widgets. The facts one is cool, but it's AdSense one that's really entertaining. Based on the past few months at `thews, the account that I set up there will pay out its minimum $100 in early 2011. Woo-hoo!

KeithAlanK said...

Woah--that's a fast comment.
CPS is City Public Service, our electric/gas company.
It's also Child Protective Services--the abuser watchdog and foster care people.

I love reading blogs where people are jazzed about AdSense only to discover the truth a few days later. I think you need to get a hundred thousand hits a day to make any useful money.