Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Riverwalk With Lights In The Trees

One of our favorites, but like most Riverwalk photos featuring Xmas lights it's just too busy and also un-focused--there's no clear subject popping out of a 4x6" print.
It's pretty cool filling the screen of a big CRT monitor, but that wasn't my goal.

I'll also admit to some slight plagiarism here.
A very similar daytime pic was in the newspaper a few days before shooting this, and I liked the other photographer's angle enough to try and copy it at night.
For this reason alone I'll have to disqualify it from the race to be Our Christmas Card Photo For 2008.


Albatross said...

But with a limited area, such as the Riverwalk, there can be only so many angles that result in good pictures. Therefore, I wouldn't characterize your photo as anywhere near plagiarism. You may have been inspired by a previous photographer, but in the end you took the photo with your own equipment and time.

I wouldn't feel guilty at all, if I were you.

Dave said...

It is a great photo. I could have taken one from the same spot, but would never have the same quality. I get whatever setting happens to be chosen by my little digital set to auto, and that's it.

laanba said...

That is a great angle! I always love your search for your Christmas card. The candidates are all winners in my book and the finalist is always outstanding.

One year I'll actually get myself to San Antonio to photograph the Christmas lights. One year.