Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Municipal Auditorium Zone

It was almost solid overcast that night, but I had some stuff I needed to shoot and the spare time was there so we made a quick trek downtown.

The Municipal Auditorium has been featured here a few times, but for whatever reason I never climbed the steps and looked up before.

This is the flag flying over San Antonio's Korean War Memorial--there wasn't enough light to shoot the memorial itself.

Our VietNam War memorial.
I always get a little misty-eyed here.
My new favorite view of this spot, but I'm convinced I can do better.

Someday I hope to shoot these overhead lanes of IH10 correctly.
Camera-balanced-on-steeringwheel @ 65mph doesn't really cut it.


Albatross said...

Yes, that Vietnam War Memorial is very moving. Whenever I'm in the area, I pay it a visit, even if just for a minute.

One thing I've wondered, though, and maybe I've missed it: Do we have a World War II memorial? I know the Municipal Auditorium was built to honor WWI heroes, and then you have the Korean War Memorial and the Vietnam War Memorial out front. Am I overlooking the one for WWII?

KeithAlanK said...

No--as far as I know there isn't a WWII memorial here in SA.
Steven Stoli had a small WWII museum next to his playhouse @ Wurzbach & Lockhill Selma but it closed due to lack of $$$.
Have you been to the 911 Memorial on I90?

Albatross said...

Not yet, but I drive by it periodically, and I keep telling myself I need to make a trip out there. I just haven't gotten around to it.