Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rose-Bellied Lizards

We walked down a dirt trail into Salado Creek to look at a more natural version of nature.
Walker Ranch Park is great, but joggers, rollerbladers, kids and dogs tend to scare the critters away.

Before too long I was rewarded by several sightings of the Rose-Bellied Lizard.
They are plentiful, so I always see this tiny reptile skittering around whenever I'm in it's preferred habitat. But I've never managed to score any pictures, and in fact have found that photos are somewhat rare. A website that I use to ID various animals didn't have any pics until I submitted these.

Both of these females are showing their 'breeding colors'. The bright red splotches signal to the males that they are looking for some action.

This male is interested.

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Bruce said...

Wonderful photos, Keith. I guess make up works the same across all species.