Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spurs/Mavs Part 2

Tim Duncan controls the tip-off just as the Spurs controlled the entire game.
Somehow we were behind 1 to 0 at the start, but never trailed again.

A couple of Tony Parker's 38 points.
He was a super stud all night.

Newest Spur Drew Gooden completes an and-1.
A bad fall soon afterwards had him spitting up blood, but he came back to play in the 4th quarter.
Personally, I think he just bit his tongue and was trying to make it seem worse than it was, but what do I know? He's kicking ass and scoring inside so I like him now. When he was on the Cavaliers? Not so much.
And he has brought his alarming grooming choices under control--it was just a matter of time before peer pressure in our locker room worked it's magic.
2 months ago--NBA Thug.
Today--Cultured Gentleman.
In tonight's loss he ditched the sweatband and I think even the sleeve.

The final score plus our hero.

From this shot you can tell how high up we were.
You can still see everything perfectly--better than on TV in fact.
But the crowd was so loud we never heard any referee whistles or shoe squeak, which was strange.

The people around us were a lot of fun.
The nachos were good enough.
Lot 9 is worth the extra money.
They have live bands and drinks (plus a huge screen showing the game) outside the ATT Center, and the bands play before and long after the game to help you get your party on.
The same setup is in place for away games so for the price of parking or bus fare you can still have a lot of fun with other fans in a game-like atmosphere.

Tonight's blowout loss sucked, and now we're behind a game with one more to play in Dallas.
Without Manu Ginobili we're probably toast, so I'm trying to savor every remaining game.
It's always the damned ankles with this bunch.

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