Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Power

I really appreciated the comments on the last post.
Here's another from the same series that might elicit some valuable feedback.

I have never been a fan of odd angles/twisted cameras unless they make a valid point. Keeping my horizons level also keeps my OCD at bay.
But I liked this one as I was shooting it, and I still like it.
Do crazy angles offend you in general or in this particular photo?

You also might notice that when you clicked on the thumbnail, it came up bigger on your screen.
I would like to hear what monitor sizes and pixel resolutions y'all are using these days.
My system is OLD (Win2K!) with a 17" Dell CRT monitor set to 1024x768 pixels, but I know a bunch of you must be using the latest and greatest so some data in the comments might help me re-think the way I'm running this blog.
Should my pictures be bigger?
(And for you LCD folks, are they bright enough? If not, calibrate your monitor. Just sayin'.)

I would appreciate your input, in the name of growth and staying modern.
Personally, I feel like the detail and texture of my photos just aren't coming across the intertubes the way they could.
Might be time to share the versions I'm already making for myself, web pirates be damned!

Please, will you let me know what your thoughts are?


Dave said...

I certainly can't offer anything from a technical perspective, being that I'm pretty much a point-and-shoot-and-hope-for-the-best kinda guy, but I do know what I like. There is something about these images that makes me think of being all alone out in west Texas. The only connection to civilization is of course, the wires and the telephone pole. In color, this wouldn't work. There is something about that telephone pole. In the picture in the earlier post, it was more prominent; in this picture, we only see it just slightly, yet without it in view, the wires wouldn't work.

I'm viewing on a 23 inch monitor with WinXP. Not sure if that helps, but it looks good from here.

laanba said...

I'm on a laptop that is 1024 x 768. Are you talking about making the click through picture bigger or the initial picture on the blog? I would lean towards the initial picture on the blog being bigger, but that is just a personal style question.

Matthew Robertson said...

I'm not a fan of jaunty angles, as I'm sure you can imagine. I'll reluctantly agree with Dave that this one needs to have the pole included and askew for the image to work as well as it does.

I'm using several different computers, at home and work, so I can see your site with anything from 1024 1900 pixels across. Generally, I find that the browsers (safari, firefox) do a pretty good job of downscaling larger images as well.

I already think that you should be putting watermarks on your images - even if it's only your e-mail address along one side so that people can find you if your photos do wander off. (Or to force people to admit that they're bastards by making them crop it out when they steal your photo for their real estate site.) I ABSOLUTELY would not put anything larger on-line without something significant on it. It doesn't need to be a huge © in the middle of the photo, but something big enough that it would still be legible when it's printed.

Albatross said...

Personally, I feel like the detail and texture of my photos just aren't coming across the intertubes the way they could.

I feel that way about how real life looks in my actual photos. I'm nowhere near a professional, but it frustrates me when sometimes I'm not able to reproduce exactly what I'm looking at. Of course, it doesn't help that I'm partially color blind.

Maybe that's why I like your infrareds so much.

As for your second power line photo, I like it a lot, too. I especially like how angry the clouds look, as if they are unsettled that their natural, sweeping grandeur is being eclipsed by the straight, uniform, uncaring power lines. Good shot.