Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Man vs Ice

Tonight we went to the Quarry Hofbrau for a summer solstice party featuring an ice sculpture competition.
Yeah, that's a sentence you don't hear every day (or decade), but it's exactly what happened.

In addition to live music by the Charlie Lucas Band there was food, drinks, dancing, and Man vs Ice.
Electric chainsaws did the heavy lifting.

Grinders and drills made guest appearances to good effect.

Buddy (The Ice Guy) Rasmussen hits his sculpture with some propane flame action.
Buddy is our go-to guy for ice sculptures, so rooting for him was a given.
He dominated the competition, easily beating Reverend Butter from Houston.

Most of the winning sculpture.

Angie, Holly, and Sylvia.

The Quarry Hofbrau is in the former Laboratory building, and we loved what John and company have done with the place.
The decor is puro Tejas, it's clean and comfy, the staff is great--A First Class operation in every way.

Wow, posting video is a huge pain in the ass!
Apparently, Blogger Video doesn't work with the Opera browser, and Daily Motion was even worse. Errors and lots of waiting around while nothing happened.
PhotoBucket finally came through, although I had to guess at what bit of html would close the tag that was left open.
Come ON people!
Fix your shit!

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