Thursday, June 24, 2010

NBA Draft Night Party

Tonight was the NBA draft, and the SPURS threw a party for season ticket holders at the High Velocity Sports Bar located in the new JW Marriot Hill Country Resort.
This Marriot is huge and very swanky.

I was the guest of my friend Sean (Thanks again!) and we had a good time. Arriving nice and early allowed us to pick the best table in the place and get started on our complimentary drinks.
I started with Jack Daniels neat.
(This was the first time in maybe 10 years that I started drinking so early--4:12 pm for me is like 11 am for people on a normal schedule).

Surprisingly, the buffet food was uniformly cold and our waitress sucked.
I rarely complain even when I'm paying for something, preferring to just never return. But since it was all free I went off on the bar manager and after things escalated I had to be pepper sprayed and cuffed.
When informed that I was a blogger they let me go if I promised to leave out the facts that the food was cold and our waitress sucked.
Up yours, Marriot!!!

The Coyote arrived and got the party started.

We graciously shared our table with a very nice couple--here's Lubin with two of the Spurs Silver Dancers.

This is Dee posing with our WNBA mascot, the Silver Fox. Their nephew is musical director and plays guitar for The Beach Boys, currently touring Europe.

We had 1st round pick #20, and got a shooting guard from Oklahoma State named James Anderson.
He's good on defense and can sink the 3, so if he can make the grade Manu will have a nice backup and we can kiss Roger Mason Jr goodbye.
I expect he's not bad seeing as how he's the reigning Big 12 Player of the Year, although everyone in the room was like "Who?".
A lot of the earlier picks had only finished 1 or two years of college--getting a junior who's more mature and developed is typical of the Spurs's approach.
Kentucky sure did contribute a lot of guys to the NBA this year!

On the right is Bill Shoening, the "Voice of the Spurs" on AM1200 WOAI.
The guy on the left handles the mic for all the commercial break contests and promotions at the ATT Center during games, but I can't remember his name.
(If anyone knows it, please leave a comment).
As co-hosts go they made a great team.

Afterwards we snuck into one of the many banquet/conference rooms to find a sea of baked goods on display, then I stole a can of HEB soda from a table in the hallway.
Good times.

I made up the part about complaining and getting pepper sprayed.


Selma said...

You drank when the sun was still out? okay, so you can IF you want to!

Dave said...

Pepper sprayed and cuffed. Was it just one Jack Daniels involved or was the food really that cold?