Thursday, June 03, 2010

Views Of June

Yesterday I felt a sudden urge to peep out the front window.
Nothing in particular triggers these urges of mine, but they often pay off.

I spotted this cute little fawn chillin' next to our driveway:

The mirror-slap of my camera scared it:
This was the very first time that I should have used one of my other lenses since buying the 50mm F1.8 on May 6th.
My 55-200mm would have given me a much better first shot, but would have had even better odds of failure for the follow-up.
Oh well.
(For pixel-peepers, both of these are 100% crops so every pixel you see onscreen is the same as the camera's output).

Speaking of young bucks and does, these are the graduates I have shot as favors in the last month:
This is obviously an outtake but I liked it best.
He was a cool kid who I'll probably never see again.

Tonight I shot this sweet girl--daughter of an old friend.
It was fun, and good practice.

Really need to put together some kind of "real" backdrop system.
I already have some serious tripods for band lights, so some PVC pipe/elbows and rolls of seamless 2-sided paper are in my future.

The Now-Expected Rant:
My friend James works for Time-Warner.
To help him and his team earn points or rewards or whatever, we opted to upgrade to digital cable and a DVR in a package that includes RoadRunner for our interwebs.
We had been paying ATT for DSL, but you have to also pay for the land-line phone service to get DSL, and we never used the phone!
Seriously, it had been unplugged for years!
If you want to call me, use my cell.
What a waste of money.

Makes sense so far...

I'm sure it's just an unfortunate series of events, but what a nightmare this week has been!
The contractors (NOT Time Warner employees) did a fine job up to the point where the internet was concerned.
I did the actual hookup for that because they were both too big to fit under my desk, but then one of them called-in the wrong MAC address # from our new modem, so we were assigned invalid IP addresses.
They tried half-heartedly to get us running, then told me that there was an "outage in our area" and left.
This was a lie.

The next day, an actual TW smarty-pants spent almost an hour trouble-shooting my internet before he finally figured out the MAC address problem.
7 is a poor substitute for C!
Boom--I'm online for an hour.
Then we have to go out for dinner at Bill Miller's, hit HEB, etc.
The two huge storm systems collided over our part of town right when we got home, and just AFTER it was all over the cable goes out.
Until 9am today!

We watched our own DVDs on both the TV and computer all evening.
I was tempted to hook-up the ATT modem again and get me some www, but resisted the urge to mess with things.
Today, I finally found out just how much faster the cable company's internet is.
You often discover the limitations of the servers and ISP's on the other end, because Road Runner is FAST!!!
Very impressive.

Then at 5 pm I went to turn on the news while I washed dishes, and got nothing but a black screen, so I went back to the computer and found out that the cable was offline again.
I was royally pissed, but it came back by 5:30.
Probably some post-storm work that needed to be done.
The winds were in the 60-90mph range last night (hurricane force!) and hundreds of pieces of bark from our cottonwood tree are all over the yard, which I have never seen before.

Right now, I am playing on the computer and Sylvia is snoozing in front of many new TV channels, so all is right with the world.
I'm almost as content as Ralphie was, clutching the cold steel beauty of his Daisy Range Model Air Rifle with the compass in the the stock and "this thing which tells time".
It was an almost comical series of minor mistakes and unprecedented weather that combined to make our transition to the modern world seem like a nightmare.

I have high hopes that smooth sailing lies ahead.

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