Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Adventures Around Town

I'm driving!
Get Outta My Way!!

Went to Converse to hang with my brother--took him shopping in my new truck.
At the 1604/Kitty Hawk HEB I spotted this funny scene:
I'm not above posing something like this, but not this time.

Then there's this:
Fill the ball on the right with water and throw it in the dryer, and you get Mr. Steamy.
The one on the left--Mr. Explodey.

At the Forum BestBuy I got to add to my Stolen Chair Project.
(Yes, I've started taking it with me in the truck)

Blanco Fix-It has my lawnmower fixed after just 2 days.
While dropping it off I got mad when I saw someone wheeling in a mower with an inch of mud flaking off it's wheels.
Not very considerate.
I hosed mine down before taking it in.

Also, it appears that my truck has an alarm system, because just now when I shut it off the horn beeped twice and an LED on the dash started to blink.
According to the manual, the factory optional alarm has a remote so this is aftermarket.
Hopefully I can figure it all out and not wake the neighbors.

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