Thursday, September 23, 2010

History For Sale

I have been intriqued by this old house on Huebner Rd for many years.
In fact, I photographed a simpler stone home next to it back in 2006 or so, when this one was still occupied.
Sadly, the other was torn down within weeks of me shooting it, to be replaced by commercial interests on this busy street that's moving fast from "country" to "city".

Hopefully whoever buys it does a complete restoration. We don't really need more medical offices at the cost of historical stone architecture.

The section on the right looks original, and much older than the rest.
Typical, in my experience. Small crude shacks get additions as the family and the bank account grow.
I don't like to think of what might be living under that patio--there were a LOT of wasp nests on the porches making me nervous.

Old front door?

New front door.
I mean really new, which is a good sign.

Covered parking at the entrance, and places for the valets to stay dry.
Looking forward to the housewarming party.

The driveway from Huebner curves under the awning, then exits onto a side street--both sporting iron gates.
Behind the stone walls and iron at the front is some kind of pool or fountain--I didn't investigate because the tall weeds were hiding all kinds of critters and the last thing I need on a Thursday is to be sprayed by a skunk or bitten by a rattlesnake--missing work is never an option.
(You 9-5 types probably can't imagine being unable to miss a day of work.
I'm proud of my perfect attendance, but then if you don't work you don't get paid in this biz)

If I bought this place everything would go, down to the stone.
Wood, wiring, floors and ceilings, the roof--it's all rotten and nasty, leaking and full of mold.
But the results would be amazing.

In an interesting coincidence, last Saturday night I mentioned this photoshoot and discovered that a friend of mine also loves this house.
When the boards come off so that work can begin, I'll try to get some interiors.
Or at least keep an eye (and a lens) on developments.


Dave said...

So much potential... That new front door is obviously temporary!

Looks great in black & white.

Anonymous said...

I and a realtor friend are thinking of going to check this place out. Still want pics of the inside?

Put OLD HOUSE in the subject so I don't toss it with junk mail.