Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sticker Shock

Neither of us went to the University Of Texas @ Austin, but the UT orange paint is rather pretty on the new truck.

On the other hand, all of the UT stickers and emblems are a bit much:

We joked around that the truck came with two kids:

Wimpy soccer playing kids, but they're ours now so shut up!
Not everyone can make the football team.

I shake my head every time I unlock the door:
I took these pictures today because without an insurance card I didn't feel comfortable taking a real drive outside the neighborhood, so I had to do something.
First thing tomorrow I'm going to scrape that shit off, even if it damages the paint.
I'll cover any damage with skulls or basses or cameras if I have to.

Nothing against UT--I just don't believe in false advertising.
This truck is in San Antonio now, where bright metallic orange is considered cool.
Hopefully I won't accidentally cut-off any Aggies in traffic and get a pine sapling or sheep's butt thrown at me.

Finally got to drive it around town today, then to work, and I just now got home.
It's awesome.
Drives like a dream, solid and true.
289cid V6 Magnum motor, automatic transmission with overdrive, big tires that look almost new, immaculate interior (a surprise on a '98) and only 97k miles.
For what we paid, it's a freaking steal.
Cruise control was very nice on the way home tonight.

I need to scrub the bed and liner, buy floormats, and a drop-hitch + trailer electricals.
Tomorrow I'll polish the headlight covers and pick a CD to test that part of the stereo.
I hope my license plates aren't weird when they come in--no WTF-666 please.

At first I thought there was a suspension issue due to thumping sounds.
Turns out the spare tire wasn't winched all the way up, so it was banging around under there.
There's some minor body damage and the hood and bumpers are mis-aligned a bit, but when you drive the truck it's obvious that there hasn't been any wrecks in the past.
Alignment is perfect and it feels better than a 2010 Ford Ranger I have intimate experience with.
Looks like just the typical teenager parking lot crunches to me.

I'll shut up now...


Albatross said...

Wow. I'm surprised such a fan would sell it in the first place, especially after getting a custom paint job.

But the color does look cool!

Keith Alan K said...

I feel like a pumpkin, but it's certainly easy for other drivers to see and avoid.
My first car was a '77 Monte Carlo in metallic pea (canned) green with yellow pinstipes and spoked mags--I was pimpin'! This is louder yet more restrained at the same time.
I dig it.
Original, for sure.

Dave said...

Pumpkin. And just in time for Halloween. Great looking truck. Congrats!