Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chalk It Up! (6 years in a row)

I started this blog in early 2005, and that October we first heard about Chalk It Up! and decided to check it out.
Been back every year since, and there are more photos of it than any other annual event including the rodeo.
Last year it took me four posts to show them all, but I'll try to do it in 3 for 2010.

The late great Linda Pace, of Pace Picante Sauce fame, started this whole thing among many other art projects and endowments.

Chalk Tacos

I see funnel cake

More to come...

At tonight's show, during the first break I spotted a suspicious drunk sitting on our stage...
He kept losing track of our tip jar, then finding it again and trying to move it behind him without anyone noticing.
I noticed.
After telling the guitarist to "watch this!" I went back to the stage and somehow a wad of bills had moved from the jar to the dude's shirt pocket!
(Hanging out in a wad, I might add).
I snatched back our money and tore him a new asshole, then got the rent-a-cops involved, and they also had a ball with this idiot. Threatening him with jail if he didn't confess, calling him an ungrateful bitch for stealing from the band, etc.
Meanwhile, his friend tried to explain to me how "he has a good job and doesn't need to steal", which didn't hold much weight against me actually seeing him do it.
On my recommendation he got sent home with a stern warning.
If I see him again, no mercy.


Dave said...

People do some really stupid things when they get all liquored up.

You should have an undercover fan with a taser sitting next to the tip jar. That could prove quite entertaining.

Albatross said...

You should have an undercover fan with a taser sitting next to the tip jar.

That gets my vote.

KenKzak said...

Who needs a taser with all that electric and LOUD band equipment handy. Dance Scarecrow DANCE!

Maaan, little brother never calls when Chalk It Up is coming up.
I love art and I probably like funnelcakes even more. You know this is so. Tell them bro.