Saturday, October 16, 2010

No More Chalk After This

I used to own a mini-Marshall amp. My Peavey practice amp sounded much better, so I sold it.

Yes please cheese.

These bike adverts were everywhere. Notice the motorcycle batteries used to power the internal lights.

I waited for a long time to get anything decent from this artist, but we both failed.
She was using a Roomba to drag her chalks around but instead of embracing the random nature of this device, was hovering over it with the remote trying to control it.
Etch-A-Sketch at best.
Roombas aren't heavy enough to provide the required downward pressure, so the chalk lines were wimpier than a 2-year-old's worst efforts.
We were on a very tight schedule (how did I get so many pix in under an hour?) and I had to wait while she changed batteries then either stand in my way or drive the thing into the shadows.
To add insult to WTF?, her "canvas" was the very best location that usually hosts the top showcase artists.
I was expecting a masterpiece on this corner, and saw nothing.

We were asked to be on the volunteer staff this year but couldn't do it.
Next year, I really hope we can.

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