Friday, October 01, 2010

"The Chair" and Halloween Preparations

Now that we have a truck, I've been trying to remember to drag the bar stool around with me so I can add location pictures to the project.

Halloween will be here before too long, so I'm already planning this year's upgrades(?) to the show:

I'm trying to increase my use of sound this year, and last night thought of a way to assemble some spare parts laying around for a new gag on the trick-or-treaters.
Wired and tested successfully tonight.

Not your typical "spooky" trick--more like a life lesson.


Matthew Robertson said...

"Not your typical "spooky" trick--more like a life lesson."

Knowing the little that I do about your end result, I'm guessing that the life lesson will be about the futility of the "always wear clean underwear" advice.

Albatross said...


I wish I was a kid in your neighborhood.

Keith Alan K said...

It involves my new truck, and hopefully nobody will get hurt jumping out of the way.

Anyone need a back-up beeper?
I have a box full of them.