Friday, February 04, 2011

Blizzard 2011

I finally got to take some pictures of snow tonight!
After listening to the TV weatherjerk warnings all week, things would have gotten ugly if the promise of snow had failed to materialize.
I even put one of the band lights on our patio so we could easily check for progress during the Spurs/Lakers game. (NICE tip-in for the win, McDyess!)

The obligatory 'snow on vehicle' shot favored by most South Texans:
Some decent accumulation here--the streets and roofs are solid white.
It might look like dusk, but I shot this at 2:04AM.

Snow be coming down and shit:

The edge of our patio has a nice layer, but unless the grass and leaves are completely covered this weather event is best described as a 'light dusting'.
Freezing rain and sleet earlier tonight closed all our highways, because apparently nobody around here knows how to drive.

This is the "snowstorm" that gave me a chance to take some pics:
I find it hard to believe that there will be school closings tomorrow, but then I'm jaded from growing up in the middle of New York State. School closings were rare and wonderful things, but it took at least a foot dumped between 4 and 6AM for the snowplows and salt/sand trucks to get far enough behind that the buses couldn't cope.

The chilly temps for 3 days has been a bigger issue, what with freezing water pipes and such. I got it all under control pretty quick, so we're all good.
Not looking forward to hauling the band gear in and out of the club tomorrow night, but it's the LAST show for BLISS so there's no way around it.
Y'all should come out if you can--it's going to be the most insane rock show in a small club EVER!

ReTox Bar, On Patricia @ West Ave.

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