Friday, February 18, 2011

Horses, Bulls, And Cowboys

More from the 2011 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

Thanks to Holly we got some decent seats--much better than any previous year.

Team roping is one of my favorites.

I've never figured out how the 2nd guy gets a rope around the calf's legs.
To be honest, some of them don't.

Here's my favorite sequence:
The rider's raised hand signifies that he's ready, after a rather long time spent getting to this point.

But I would imagine he wasn't quite ready for this:

Followed by this:

He managed to hang on to that wild beast, but was also awarded a re-ride a little later.

All 4 hooves are off the ground:

The bulls were all crazy this year:

Only one rider managed to hang on for the full 8 seconds and win some money on this night, and I don't think this was him:

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