Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rodeo Concert 2011: STYX

What I like about the concerts after the rodeo is that you can take any camera and lens you desire into the ATT Center.
Also, they are only about an hour long which saves my ears.

In the case of bands like STYX, it means that there's no filler--100% Hits!

I wonder how many shows they've done where they arrived at the stage in the back of a pickup and had to walk through poopy dirt?

The only guys remaining from the '70s, James Young and Tommy Shaw:

Ricky Phillips on bass:

The only other time I saw STYX was around 1978-9 at the 3000 seat Palace Theater in Albany NY, front row balcony, on the Grand Illusion tour.
I knew their songs from the radio and was afraid of cheese, but was quickly converted. Tommy Shaw was an incredible performer, then and now.

You can Google the other guys.

Over a week later their songs keep popping into my head for hours at a time.

More to come...

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Albatross said...

Yes, Tommy Shaw Styx songs were the best.