Friday, August 05, 2011


More from our fire station tour:

The water cannon that's at the end of the big ladder. I wasn't able to climb up and shoot down the legnth of the ladder for safety and insurance reasons, but that's okay because unless I had a pocket camera with almost unlimited depth-of-focus the result would have been a blurry mess.

Radios in the back seat--communication is vital for these people and their mission.

For the big fires this truck comes out to recharge the BA's (breathing apparatus).
Generator, compressor, storage tanks, and already filled BA bottles--sweet!

Axe, hoses, and connections to the engine's pumping system.
While the trucks get more modern-looking every few years, the basic tools of the trade are pretty much the same.
I wish I had been paying attention when the jaws of life were shown...

More to come

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