Sunday, August 28, 2011


Tonight I was blessed when my truck managed to start one last time at a gas station so I was able to make it to the show.

Steve's girlfriend Jan was blessing #2 because she went to AutoZone and picked up a new battery for me, then went above and beyond to take the old one back for my $12 core exchange refund.

I knew that my battery was about to fail and was trying to make it just one more day, but like all good plans...
It was a sweaty and dirty affair swapping them out in a bar parking lot in the dark by myself, but at least I had my tools and a good flashlight.
Mostly I'm glad and blessed that I didn't end up needing a jump-start at 3:15AM in some random bar parking lot.

Speaking of good flashlights, if you're interested in what I'm using now please take a moment to read this review I wrote for my friend Matthew's website.
It's been a long while since I've written anything over there, but with several of us contributing there's plenty of new content all the time.
Mostly Matthew, which is a good thing.
Y'all should bookmark it, or at least remember to use my handy link over there on the right and up 12 spaces or so-->

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