Sunday, August 14, 2011

ViewMasters Of Texas

We went to some antique stores in New Braunfels last week, and someone in our group proved that people sometimes listen when I talk.
Imagine that!
(I'll have to be more careful...)

Selma remembered that I was looking for a ViewMaster, but especially an older one from when they were made for adults, too.
In the '60s or '70s the eye spacing got too narrow when they got marketed as just a kid's toy.

This is a Sawyer's Model C, and as near as I can tell from my research it was made in 1950:
Gotta love the bakelite body!

The reels she scored are also very early examples--most of them feature the Grand Canyon. No stupid cartoon characters here!
An all together super-awesome package of historical goodness.
Thanks, Selma!
Love it.

My interest and successes in 3D photography date back a few years before the current fad.
One of my contacts has sent me a link so I can get my own ViewMaster reels made, which is nice.

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Albatross said...

That's so cool. I've never seen one that wasn't made for children. Thanks for sharing!