Saturday, March 03, 2012

I'm Flashing The World

An annoying situation for many months, my Dodge pickup's turn signals would freeze every once in awhile.
Not cool, but I was able to signal manually when needed.

As my January State Inspection deadline drew near I must have pulled the flasher module out a dozen times trying to get it to work better.
Re-did all the solder joints, contact cleaner, monkeyed with the mechanical parts--no success.

Went to O'Reilly's autoparts and they quoted me a staggering $83 !!!
After they hooked me up with the lowest price on a technically similar part to fix the air conditioner in Sylvia's Honda, I was shocked.
I checked a few other places online and got similar results.

Blew a lot of gas checking the pick'n'pulls with no success, and time was running out.

Ordered the exact module from a great company online at a good price, but when it arrived there was no blinkage at all.
Sent it back with the enclosed return labels and got credited on the card, so at least we found an honest parts source for the future.

Time was up, so I squeaked through the State Inspection. Was going to try it the day before but the blinkers didn't cooperate at all.
As it was, had to hit the directional stalk twice and cross my fingers and toes.

Finally, after finding some truly obscure band trailer parts at NAPA in an emergency, I gave their website a shot and holy shit $18.99 beats the hell out of $83.00!!!

Maybe 5 resistors, a capacitor, a diode, an electromagnet, and a plate with a spring. $83????
I used to love O'Reilly's, but now they are the Porky's of auto parts to me.


Dave said...

Or you could have done like a lot of folks in SA and just gone to one of the shops that will give you an inspection sticker regardless of whether it really passes or not, as long as you give them a nice tip.

I'm not opposed to paying a for a reasonable profit on parts, but on what planet do you go from $18 to $83 with a straight face? O'Reilly's could at least throw in a basketball game or a rodeo with your blinker switch.

Keith Alan K said...

What planet?

I refuse to use the friend-hookup inspection on principle, and would rather rag on price-gouging parts assholes.