Thursday, March 08, 2012

Too Much !?!

Things are moving fast for my band.
Too Fast!

By the time I wrap my head around something, a newer and stranger thing jumps out and fish-slaps me.

For example, we now have a Televators App:
True, the content's not much different from what can easily be accessed using a browser on your phone (if you know where to look) but now there's a convenient app icon in there next to Angry Birds or Words with Friends.

WAIT! Next to Angry Birds?
That's cool...

It's going to be a few days before I'm certain how I really feel about this, but I don't have the luxury of processing new info at my own speed anymore.
Other stuff is happening too fast.
Can't reveal details yet, but it's looking like I'll (finally!) get to take pictures in Austin over a handful of days next month if I'm not way too busy grinding out notes and sounds.

Trying really hard not to even think about what my life might be like in a few months.
Or more precisely, where I might be.
Hope my passport photo doesn't look goofy...

Maybe I should just concentrate on doing a good job running sound for A Beautiful Mess in 2 weeks when we entertain the Governor of a nearby state at some important black-tie event?

Nope, not helping.

Too Much.

*****Important Info*****

If you are so inclined, thanks a lot, but please wait before downloading the Televators App for Android until you figure out how to disable auto-play and/or learn how to 'force close' apps on your device.
Syl and I are probably the only beta-testers this soon after release, and the music never stopped even after a few hours until we got up to speed with tools we've never needed before.
Battery drain was almost as annoying as the songs never shutting the hell up.

Don't even know if the Blackberry version is out yet.
iPhone is due in a week or so.
Apple needs more time to add perfect but limited functionality.

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