Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

My Father's Air Force ring, from 1955. 
It wouldn't fit Ken so I wore it as a teen. Then I lost it, which made me feel like the worst son in history. Luckily I had a very special cat named Morris who adored me, and he found it. 
(Biggest cat I've ever seen, too. He ended up moving to Texas while I stayed in New York and eventually lost a fight with a coyote). 

Today (Sunday) started weird, yet fitting. 
The very top item on my Facebook news feed this morning was this: 

Seems a friend of one of my cousins lives in Maryland and went to Arlington National Cemetery this weekend. I'm guessing my cousin requested an extra mission to find and photograph my dad's marker so we could all see it. 
A couple years after the ceremony in late 2004 I stumbled across a pic of the stone online, but these are much better. Especially with all the little flags for Memorial Day. 

Went through a bunch of documents last night, and noticed a few things. 
Such as: what are the odds that 3 of the six men onboard my dad's AC-47 had the middle name Eugene? 
One of the other 3 was NMI, which raises the "Gene Pool" to 60%. 

Our prayers go out to all those lost while serving this great country, and their survivors. 

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