Saturday, May 03, 2014

Texas State Cemetery

A few weeks ago I escorted 75% of my 2013 Lake Tahoe Vacation "Duckies" on a day trip to Austin to visit the resting place of some important people.
Located a mile or so east of the heart of Texas partying--on the other side of Interstate 35 from 6th Street:

 For my international readers who might not know, Texas Governor John Connally was seriously wounded while sitting right next to President John F. Kennedy when he was assassinated in Dallas.

Ann Richards was a much more recent Governor, and the first woman to hold the highest office in Texas. A good sport, she lent her voice and image to an episode of the cartoon "King Of The Hill".

Now we bring things up a notch in the pecking order around here.
Tom Landry was THE coach when the Dallas Cowboys football team meant something.
His body isn't actually here, but his legacy means enough that a monument is mandatory.
His hat is a Texas Icon that rivals those worn by the cowboys and patriots who settled our great state.


Dave said...

What exactly is that sculpture for Ann Richards? Before I clicked on the picture to enlarge, I thought it was the lower half of a torso.

Not to quibble, but Ms. Richards was actually the second woman to hold the position in Texas after Ma Ferguson had two terms in the early 1900s. I don't know this because I'm smart or anything; just recently visited the capitol in Austin and saw all their portraits.

Keith Alan K said...

Now that you mention it, could be an artistic ass.
And thanks for the correction. I was too busy taking pictures to look at all the portraits in the Capitol building.