Monday, July 17, 2006

Big Tex Grain Co.

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Just south of downtown SA is an old industrial area featuring
the LoneStar Brewery, Alamo Ironworks, Pioneer Flour and
Big Tex Grain Co. (The 'Art Silos' are part of Big Tex, too.)
Numerous sidings connect the businesses to the switching
tracks that connect to the UP mainline nearby.

Big Tex is long out of business, and is slated to be demolished
soon to make way for Yuppie housing. Toxic asbestos on the
site isn't as bad as the alarmists claim according to test results
made public last week, so I feel perfectly safe taking pictures here.

In fact it's one of my favorite spots due to the diverse types
of images I can capture within a short walk of my car.
Once condo construction begins this may change so I'm going to
keep returning as often as possible in the next few months.

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KeithAlanK said...

I'm going to SoPadre again.
No updates until friday.
Ya'll play nice together, and I hope to see some good stuff on your sites when I return.