Saturday, August 26, 2006

Fallen Flags

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A 'Fallen Flag' is a railroad that is no longer in business.
Either through bad management or mergers and aquisitions, many famous names of the past are gone now.
But railfans have long memories and fond hearts, so they never disappear completely from our consciousness.
And because repainting equipment is expensive (UP has over 8000 engines the size of a small house, and many times that in freightcars) the old names are still riding the rails.
This Chicago & NorthWestern boxcar is a good example.
Sure, it's faded and rusty.
But when it rolls into the view of the right person, floods of memories can be triggered.

Sorry there's nothing that's actually new here again. But I have a good excuse.
33 hours ago we finally joined the rest of the world.
A High-Speed Internet Connection has opened up the web to all sorts of possibilities, and of course I haven't had a spare moment to leave the house and shoot new photos.
Dialup? Never again!

I'm wondering about the popularity of video blog entries, too.
None of the blogs I visit ever have videos, and I wonder why?
My camera makes fair quality mpgs, and finding a hosting service isn't a problem.
Anyone have advice or opinions regarding this?

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laanba said...

Welcome to the Internet! You will never look at it the same. I think I would give up just about everything before I would give up my high speed internet.

As for videos most people probably just have them at You Tube and share them over there. Check it out, but don't say I didn't warn you when you decide to start looking up music videos from your youth and you are still in front of the computer hours later. :-)