Thursday, June 14, 2007

Car Show

In the parking lot of the Audie Murphy VA Hospital of all places, a small car show provided a small diversion recently.
Most goofy of all was this HEB shopping cart. I wouldn't feel too comfortable sitting way up there while driving this beast.
(For my non-Texan visitors, HEB stands for Howard E. Butt, son of the company's founder. HEB is one of the largest privately owned grocery store chains with 300 stores in Texas and Mexico, and has been in business since 1905.)

My Hot Wheels™ collecting ended several years ago with the exception of this car, the Shelby Cobra.

I hate cluttered backgrounds that don't flatter the subject, so car shows aren't fun for me photographically.
I feel that a great car deserves to be shot somewhere that it can take all the attention, but that wasn't possible here so I took a 2nd photo with an eye for cropping out as much "Not-Shelby" as I could. I kept the low viewpoint which seemed to emphasize what I like about the Cobra's lines.

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