Monday, June 11, 2007

USS Lexington Part 2

Like chow halls and school cafeterias everywhere, life on a Navy vessel isn't glamorous or classy.
But I can guarantee that the food was delicious and plentiful. The US Air Force and Navy always had good reputations in this regard.
In fact, this scene reminds me of the Sunday Brunches at the Officer's Club I enjoyed as a small boy, although there was a bit less stainless steel and a few more linen tablecloths involved.

The medical/dental sections of the tour were full of funny little slices of life like this. I also saw a Japanese Coke can next to root-canal-instruction VHS tapes.

The "island", where it all starts. Command and control of both the ship and air operations is conducted here.

Planes and helicopters have been donated from many different NASs and museums to provide a historical perspective on the many war- and peacetime missions this ship has accomplished from WWII to the 1980s.

The Captain's chair on the bridge. You can see the downtown Omni Hotels featured in previous posts through the windows.

On the way down the ramp I got off one last shot featuring anti-aircraft cannons. The "barrels" contain life rafts and supplies that can be dropped safely into the water way down below, and the nets are to save any crew member who got blown over the side by jet exhaust or rough weather.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.
I strongly recommend visiting the Lex if you get the chance.

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Bruce said...

Great tour, Keith: good photos and a wonderful narrative. Thanks.