Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hematite Concretions?

These heavy metallic blobs keep turning up in my yard as heavy rains wash away exposed dirt.
Googling has turned up hematite concretions as the most likely ID, after a wild-goose-chase with manganese nodules.
They are non-magnetic.
First chance I get I'll have one band-sawed in half to see the inside detail, but I doubt I'll find anything different from the fragment of a larger one on the right--although it suggests that they might be hollow. I doubt it, though.

I like using words like concretion and nodule. Makes me sound smart.


Matthew Robertson said...

Using words like "heavy metallic blobs" and "heavy rain" makes you sound radioactive.

It's a nice studio shot, though.

Anonymous said...

So did you saw one in half and if so what color was it on the inside?