Friday, June 08, 2007

The USS Lexington

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Coming from a military family I have always wanted to tour the Lexington, looking at it wistfully whenever business or pleasure brought me to Corpus Christi.
It was closed the last time I was there a couple years back, resulting in a very sad walk back down the long ramp.

This time everything fell into place (except for beautiful weather) so here are some photos I took while exploring this massive aircraft carrier.

My favorite feature was that there aren't guided tours with dumbed-down sound bites and a hurried pace, or too slow for that matter. You're free to explore the public areas at your own pace, and can linger at whatever interests you or bypass that which doesn't.

A veteran of WWII, the Lex served longer than any other carrier.

Being inside a big Navy ship gives you a real sense of the cramped spaces, maze-like layout and the difficulty of moving quickly when every door has a lower sill to trip you and every staircase is narrow and steep. If you enjoy old war movies, visiting the Lexington really makes the interior scenes come alive.

i won't attempt to cover the long history of this great ship.
Instead, please visit the official website of The USS Lexington and follow the links to plenty of information about her, past and present.

I'll have more photos next post.

The Spurs just took Game 1 of the NBA Finals. After waiting a painful week for the series to begin, our relief is enormous.
Just to point out how good yet underrated the Spurs are, did you know that they are the most successful team sports franchise?
Over the last ten years, their win/loss percentage is higher than any other pro team's.
That's not just the best record in the NBA, but includes the NFL, MLB and NHL, too.

3 More Wins, that's all we need.

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