Friday, September 21, 2007


The title is how my phone-camera named the file this picture came from, month/day/year/time.

It's been a long wait but tomorrow I get my car out of the shop and can go back to taking my camera wherever/whenever instead of relying on luck or carefully scheduled trips.
Who schedules inspiration?
It doesn't work like that--I've just been very lucky and had some loving support over the past five and a half weeks to get the photos I've managed to find.
(And thanks to Josie and Jesus for making repair possible. I'm a lucky guy, and y'all are the best!)

The big question is: Do I take the chance that everything is going to work dependably and go out shooting with a vengeance, or do I follow my instincts and only make short trips close to home for a few days to get a feel for whether my car can be trusted?
Decisions, decisions...

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