Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Serrano Peppers

In late winter I germinated some seeds and planted the seedlings a week later. Two plants ended up surviving, one is kind of weak but the other is thriving.

Last month there was a single blossom which turned into a pepper. I let it grow to full size, then we sliced it up and put it on a pizza.

Now there are 30+ flowers turning into serrano peppers. These are half an inch long and growing fast.
There's nothing like fresh homemade salsa, and we also have a pair of chili piquin plants that are fruiting furiously for when more heat is required.

I haven't shot anything decent for two weeks, and it's amazing how much a lack of new photos affects my mood.
I woke up depressed again today, but now I feel pretty good.
As usual, these macros were taken using off-camera flash--I can't recommend this technique enough.

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