Saturday, September 08, 2007

First Club Shoot

The first club shoot I went to that people actually showed up for, to be exact.
Ten of us from Flickr Club SA locked up our gallery on Thursday and ventured into the night, tripods new and old at the ready.
After nobody could come up with an idea for a destination I suggested we try my favorite night location, Hemisfair Park.

It's a "target-rich environment" with something for everyone, from architecture and all kinds of moving water to public art and people.
I was even asked to point&shoot a couple with their camera--but as a "professional" with a smidgen of OCD I noticed their lens was dirty so I threw in a free lens cleaning clinic.

Many members were night "virgins" so I made suggestions and got them going enough to push them out of the nest. Fly, my baby birds!

I've seen some of their results, and it looks good to me.
Next time I'll recommend that they take a fast trot around a new location first, to see what it has to offer before returning to the spots that interest them.
Nobody made it as far into the park as I did, so nobody got the shot that'll end this series in the next installment.

Last night was "First Friday", when all the arty types descend on South Alamo Street and the Blue Star Galleries in particular.
Traffic through our gallery got intense at times and many of us made a few sales.
My total for the week was 5 prints, my break-even point.
This means that I now have six frames/mats that I really like plus 14 very high quality 8x10" prints that'll make a big dent in creating a portfolio.
I guess that means I have a net profit measured in tangible assets.
(The 'Huge Thank You' list for the frames is Julie & Eddie, Ken & Deri, and Lisa. You guys really came through for me on my birthday with the gift cards! Love you guys!)

When a total stranger bought two prints early yesterday afternoon I was overwhelmed. I don't mean to suggest that I wasn't thrilled when friends and family (Holly and Selma--Love You!!!) bought prints, it's just that I already know who my fans are and what they like.
When it's some young rocker dude walking in off the street who sees my work and is suddenly compelled to part with his money and take it home...that just blew me away.
Watching and listening to random folks of all ages as they looked at my pictures was also mucho fun. The most heard comment was "These are beautiful" followed by "Oh, my!".

Show is over, it's all torn down.
Things will never be the same.
I'm an artist again.

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