Monday, May 05, 2008

First Friday Report Card

The emergency exit of our gallery's building was open all evening so it was easy for me to slip out whenever I heard a train horn.
This led to me saving a clueless girl's car from certain destruction.
She was parking across the street behind LaTuna and I could see from 200 feet away that it was too close to the tracks. Braving traffic I caught her and explained the situation--3 times!
I don't think she truly understood that trains are indeed much wider than the tracks.
Would have made a great picture had I minded my own business, but my conscience wouldn't let me.

Lots of interest in the "Interchange" series as a concept and compliments on my execution. My favorite overheard comment was to the effect that "These highways were built to carry traffic and look decent but somehow this guy turned them into things of true beauty".
Very nice...I was afraid the whole idea of it would get a cold reception but it appears the general public understood.
Other photographers have always been supportive of this project but we're sometimes not the best judge of these things.

Sold three of my older prints including two infrareds, which makes me think I need to get back to shooting IR more often.
I have a lot of printing ahead, both to replenish my portfolio and for the next show.

Mainly I need to get out and shoot new things.

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Bruce said...

Congratulations on another successful show, Keith.