Thursday, January 01, 2009

2008 Christmas Ornament Post

This has become an annual event here at V'sOfTX, and I'm sure everyone with a heart can relate.

When Hallmark marks their awesome ornaments down 70% in mid-January we're all over it.
Sylvia's Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots was the one most eagerly awaited, and it didn't disappoint. Freaking awesome.
I received the real deal back in....1966 was it? my grandmother's apartment over her late husband's downtown brownstone tavern, Iggy's Place. We had just lost my father in VietNam and then our grandfather and I'll never forget the way the lights of the "big city" (Buffalo NY) looked shining through the window as I tried to play with it by myself while everyone else slept.

My score from Hallmark last January was this ALCO PA-1 locomotive done up in the Freedom Train paint from right after WWII. A hugely historic engine, built in Schenectady NY near where we used to live, and in 1976 I saw another Freedom Train in the same city but pulled by a steam engine.

Electric guitars from Restoration Hardware are becoming a tradition for us, along with other instruments.
The saxophone they have this year was a bit pricey so we're waiting for some savings.

The SPURS--what can I say?
Who knew that Matt Bonner (we got him from Toronto--his nickname is Red Rocket from their transit system which he would ride to games) would become a valuable starter and one of the best 3-point shooters in the NBA?

Sylvia's new fave that was a perfect gift from Lisa P--a pinata donkey that is not only super-cute but also SO San Antonio.
Next year my plan is to make it so we can raise and lower him just like a real pinata on a rope.

Happy New Year!!!


Dave said...

Love those ornaments - especially the Rock'em Sock'em robots. Remember the kid saying, "You knocked my block off"?

Good stuff. Happy New Year!

Bruce said...

Thanks for sharing your family holiday traditions with all of us. Happy New Year!