Saturday, January 03, 2009

On The New Year's Eve...

I never managed to land a lucrative gig, but small parties are cool by me.
Up in the Hill Country between New Braunfels and Canyon Lake, I got another SPURS ornament photo.
Look at how real Holly's not-real tree looks!
I want one just like it.
Now you know what to get me.

A fun yard decoration, the leaning tree caught my eye.
This photo is titled Birdhouse in a nod to my friend Matthew.

I skied some slaloms and tried curling on the Wii, finished the job for a sloppy HD installer, ate too much after starving all day, didn't drink enough until I got home, bribed a dog with people food to shut his bark-hole and pretend to like me, peed in the woods, climbed on a chair several times to re-battery an electric windchime, sang a few Stone Temple Pilots songs--just normal stuff I might do any day of the week only with more gravy because it was a party.

The 1st day of 2009 had some highlights I'll share in about 25 hours.
Hope your NYE went well and nobody you give a crap about died or got busted.

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