Saturday, January 17, 2009

Skull Candy

Just prior to feeding I asked Candy (our albino corn snake) to pose for me.

Two Notes For Next Time:
1) Make sure to set-up all the flash gear and backgrounds before taking the snake out of her tank!
One-handed set-up has been proven possible, but snakes have a tendency to wrap themselves around anything within reach, like light stands and cameras etc.
2) Don't ask a snake to stay where you put them when they're at a high body temp, like just before a feeding. I control her temperature and therefore activity level using dimmer-controlled lamps, and right before a feeding is the absolute worst time for taking pictures like this.
Like shooting hyper dogs or kids.

I had just taken her out of the tank when this photo popped into my head, so I accepted the challenge and went for it despite having only one free hand to place all the gear and make adjustments. Glad it worked.
I have a new respect for animal wranglers on photo and movie sets.

The reason for this shot was to have something new for Flickr and all my other outlets as well as for a new header on my BLISS band photoblog.

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