Saturday, January 03, 2009

All Is Quiet On New Year's Day

Step 1: Wake up
Step 2: No really--wake up!
Step 3: Never leave the house before a nice hot shower
Step 4: Something good to eat

This was Step 4.
Thanks to Dave for reminding us that Jim's is better than Denny's in every way, we returned to the relatively new Loop 410 and Blanco location for some breakfast.
I got 2 eggs scrambled, sausage, hash brown's and toast, plus a side of bacon. You can never have too much pig.
Also a Dr. Pepper.
Sylvia ordered huevos rancheros (over easy, and sauce on the side, please) and a water.
Can't say much more than YUM!
JUST what we needed.
A real Tasty Treat™.
Syl had a burger last time and swears it was one of the best ever, especially at such a low price.

Brandi, our server, was quick and efficient considering how packed the place was.
She had a little drama the night before. As designated driver for her friends on New Year's Eve (how sweet!) she was taking them home when one girl started feeling a little poorly. "Are you going to be sick? I can pull over". "No, I'm Fine. Raaalllfff!!!".
She pulled into a gas station and made the "friend" clean up as best she could, then had her take the car to be professionally cleaned and detailed the next day.

The guy that looked like Dave Matthew's younger and gayer brother at the table next to us was a non-stop source of entertainment.
BlahBlahLispBlahBlahBlah was all I heard because I was concentrating on my food, but Sylvia was cracking up.

While waiting to pay Syl noticed that their Christmas tree's lights were footswitch activated, so of course the tree blinked off a couple of times.

We did some shopping at Target, then some serious napping.
(Please refer to Zzakk's Garage for details on the shopping).

That night we sat on the patio and enjoyed our new chiminea.

I think that instead of covering our little valley lemon tree whenever it drops below freezing, I'll just put this thing next to it and dash out into the cold every hour or so to drop in another piece of firewood.
I stay up until dawn most nights anyway.
Most times it gets back up into the 40s once the sun comes up.

What did YOU do on the first day of 2009?


Dave said...

Sausage AND bacon. Now that's livin'!

Thiên said...

Hi Keith. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on the Seguin blog. I stopped by here and have really enjoyed reading your posts. I laughed a lot and that's always nice. I also love your stories as well as your photos. Especially your Christmas card shot of San Fernando. So beautiful! Take care and have a wonderful 2009. I'll keep checking back. :)