Monday, March 02, 2009

Private Car Show

At a party Saturday night a few of the guys were invited down to the garage for a tour of the host's classic car collection.
Lots of chrome and paint on beautiful cars and a truck from the 40's through the 60's plus the smell of leather and oil.
I asked permission to take pictures while everyone else asked questions or talked about their own cars.
While I know more than a little about Detroit iron, I didn't mention my badass '77 Monte Carlo or the muscular and perfect '85 Olds Cutlass Supreme I used to have--fine rides to be sure but not in the same league as these restored antiques.
Mine were daily drivers that attracted admiring looks wherever I went, but I didn't have to spend huge amounts of time and money making them run and look good.

Using wireless flash to light an interior while shooting through an open window--a technique I've been waiting a long time to try.

I love this pickup truck.
The yellow car glimpsed in these first two shots is a Hudson convertible.

The gas cap was in the middle of the truck's wood bed--I liked the geometry of this view.

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