Sunday, March 22, 2009


The heroes of the Alamo aren't buried there--instead their remains are across town at San Fernando Cathedral.

Busiest week of the year so far, and I daresay it will hold the top spot for the rest of 2009.
But by Sunday night things should return to normal.

I have some stuff from the wedding I'll be posting soon.

Then there's a wild, dark, macabre and technically challenging idea that's been rattling around in my head for a few weeks.
This (hopefully) frightening test shot will involve multiple exposures carefully blended into one, but in keeping with my preference for solid camera work versus Photoshop trickery the individual exposures will have to be composed and lit perfectly for it to work.
My Photoshop skills will still be crucial, and since I'm just picturing the methods and results in my head right now there might be a flaw in the plan.
One goal is to offer something different for a certain client of mine.
The other is to prove that Live View (an important feature of my particular camera) has advantages that nobody else has exploited yet.
We shall see...

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